Audit & Assurance
with Rushtons, Chartered Accountants

At Rushtons, we understand that audits can be a burden on your finance team. By agreeing to a clear timetable at the start and effective communication throughout, we aim to complete audits as smoothly as possible. As well as ensuring statutory compliance, we aim to add value to your company with practical improvements to your systems. Our audit team has experience in:

  • Statutory audits for entities and groups.
  • Specific assurance services.
  • Client Money Audits (for the Solicitors Regulation Authority).
  • Multi-scheme pension audits.
  • Charity audits & Independent Examinations.
  • ATOL Return tasks for the CAA.

Our team carries out audits both on-site at your premises and remotely at our offices. In most instances a combination of these is the best approach, to allow us to get to know you and your business more easily.

Why Rushtons?

  • Continuity is Key: We're proud of our low staff turnover. This means you get to work with a consistent team who truly get to know your business.
  • Experience: Our audits are always led by one of our senior and qualified staff in Vic Towler, Rachel Thackeray or Jess Bond with Adam Calvert as Senior Statutory Auditor.
  • Real Value for Money: It's not just about compliance; it's about growth. We offer actionable suggestions that can improve your business efficiency and profitability.

If you would like to discuss your audit requirements in more detail, please contact Adam Calvert on 01772 693111 or