Rushtons Financial Management Limited

At Rushtons, we know life isn’t one-size-fits-all. That's why we introduced Rushtons Financial Management (RFM) Limited. Think of RFM as your financial compass, guiding you through pensions, investments, and comprehensive financial planning. With a long standing history and regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), we're here to offer personalised guidance every step of the way.

Your finances are the foundation for your present and future. But making the most of your money isn’t just about one decision; it's about a blend of wise choices throughout life’s journey. RFM gives you a holistic view, ensuring you're not just planning, but thriving. We keep a keen eye on changes, ensuring you're always in the best position, regardless of life's twists and turns.

Why Rushtons?

  • Trusted Expertise: Merging RFM’s financial management wisdom with Rushtons' extensive knowledge guarantees top-tier advice.
  • Heartfelt Values: At RFM, it's all about Independence (making choices in your best interest), Integrity (your trust means the world to us), Expertise (leaning on our extensive experience), and Commitment (we’re with you, evolving as your life does).
  • Personalised Care: With millions entrusted to us, we pride ourselves on a hands-on, tailored approach. Whether you’re planning for retirement, diversifying investments, or mapping out your entire financial future, we've got your back.

Dreaming of a financially secure future tailored just for you? We believe in turning dreams into reality. Contact us today!