Chris Calvert ACA

Rushtons Financial Management Limited

At Rushtons Chartered Accountants, we recognise that many of our clients are in need of clear, professional and independent financial planning advice, to help them make the most of the present - and the future.

But dealing with someone you trust is essential, which is why we have established Rushtons Financial Management Limited.

Uniting the expertise of a long-established financial management consultancy with Rushtons own extensive knowledge and experience assures you of the very best advice, at every stage of your life.

  • Independence. At RFM, we value our independence, because it gives us the freedom to act in the best interests of our clients all the time.
  • Integrity. Our clients trust us with some of the most important decisions in their lives, and we respond with absolute honesty and our very best endeavours.
  • Expertise. RFM can claim 35 years experience in financial planning, and is fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), for your added peace of mind.
  • Commitment. We stay in close contact with all our clients, helping to refine and develop provision, as individual circumstances change and evolve.

A Wide Range Of Services... For A Wide Range Of Clients

For most people, making the most of their money is not simply about choosing the right pension, making wise investments, or even planning for the unexpected, it is a blend of all these elements, and more. It is about weighing up the options, second-guessing the future - and it is different for everyone.

  • Pensions.Whether you need to set up an individual pension or establish a company scheme, RFM can offer a focused service - from initial discussions to the inception, and management of a pension plan. For corporate clients particularly, we can handle ongoing administration and regular reviews, and will monitor relevant legislation to ensure the continued suitability of existing arrangements. Specialist areas include: flexible income provision at retirement, which can provide capital retention for widows/widowers. We can also advise on pension sharing and the impact a divorce may have upon it.
  • Investments.An effective investment portfolio does not happen by accident. At RFM we take the time to evaluate your personal circumstances, and plan an appropriate risk profile, before preparing a detailed recommendation. For us, it is a very hands-on approach to account management, and our ongoing involvement will include regular updates, detailed 6-monthly valuation reports and an annual investment review to ensure investments are performing as expected.
  • Full Financial Planning.Many clients look to RFM for all aspects of their financial well-being. In this role, we are able to perform an in-depth review of every investment, and establish a detailed profile of existing provision in the context of desirable outcomes. This provides us with a platform upon which to explore potentially profitable alternatives, and build a healthy financial picture for every stage of your life.

Personal Guidance Throughout Your Lifetime

Clients have invested many millions of pounds worth of capital into fund management under our guidance, and in return we provide them with the best support and advice available. Over the years, we have established a well-earned reputation for the highest levels of professionalism, founded on both the quality of our service and the breadth of our expertise. We also believe in providing a genuinely pro-active service to clients. By keeping abreast of changes in legislation, we can help clients to make the most of the prevailing circumstances whatever the financial climate.

Every last detail is designed to reflect each clients unique set of circumstances, and our services are tailored accordingly (so, for example, we can undertake assignments on either a commission - or fee-paying basis). But everyone, regardless of their situation can expect the same standards of excellence. We believe that everyone has the right to independent expert advice on a comprehensive range of financial matters and today we provide more services than ever to clients with a diverse range of requirements.

Require more information?

If you would like more information or would like to speak to us direct then call us on 01772 693111 or 01253 345444. Or if you would prefer, ask us a question online.